Lindsay Hargreaves has extensive experience of practical farming in the eastern counties. For 17 years he led the in-hand farming operation of the Elveden Estate in Suffolk and more recently was managing director of Frederick Hiam Ltd., a farming and fresh produce businesss. He has worked with a wide range of crops and livestock and has always taken an innovative approach to business structure and development. He has a keen awareness of the wider issues affecting the industry and takes an active role in developing environmental policy and regulation, especially for water for irrigation and the environment.

The business environment for farmers remains tense and this is unlikely to change in the near term. Despite reports of increasing demand for food, UK markets remain very price competitive. Successful businesses will be those that know and understand their costs and know their markets and how best to serve them. Lindsay’s background in running large farming operations in a professional business environment means he is no stranger to financial discipline through good budgeting and monitoring of costs and incomes.

....mankind, despite his many technical achievements and his artistic pretentions, owes his very existence to a thin layer of top soil and the fact that it rains......

Science and farming

Recent world events and now UK Government policy are raising the profile of science and technology for food production. A large part of Lindsay’s success throughout his career has been his awareness of the importance of introducing new techniques to improve performance, endorsed by his award of a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2009 for the study of new technology to benefit the UK Agri-food sector and his ongoing work with Innovate UK.